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The Raid (2012) vs Dredd (2012)

by Clash Of The Titles

Episode 15 of Clash of the Titles is here! The podcast that pits two films with something in common against each other in a brutal fight to the death. Well, not death. We just decide which one is better. And this week's episode is a case of DEJA VIOLENCE (it's been a long day).

In the red corner, twenty officers of the law, one ruthless crime lord, 30 floors of chaos, from 2012, it's The Raid. While in the blue corner... take out the numbers and this would have been a simple cut and paste job... annoying... anyway... two officers of the law, one ruthless crime lord, 200 floors of chaos, it's Dredd. So... which of these building bloodbaths betters the other? JOIN US. 

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