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Ed Gamble: Off Menu with James Acaster, Stand Up Comedy & Living With Diabetes

by JaackMaate’s Happy Hour

You may remember when the boys chose their dream restaurants for their own version of Off Menu during lockdown, and this week Jack and Stevie were joined by none other than Ed Gamble!  Ed came in to speak about his best (and most awkward) Off Menu guests, his stand up career and of course, food! He also shared what it was like being diagnosed with diabetes when he was thirteen and how it became the topic of his stand up tour ‘Blood Sugar’.  All that, plus Jack’s got an amazing story about his run in with a Made in Chelsea star and Ed’s Dad’s been sending weird emails to the vet.  It was a pleasure to have Ed on the show. Make sure you check out Off Menu and our ‘Dream Restaurant’ episodes with Robbie Knox! Produced by Katie Baxter