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Chicken, Waffles, Biscuits: Supper Clubs, BBQs and 15 minutes with Sweet Chick's John Seymour.

by Set Meals

Sam and Taylor celebrate the end of summer at Loyle Carner’s ‘Chilli Con Carner’ cooking school, a fund-raising BBQ for young people suffering with ADHD. This comes just days after a Sunday evening supper club feast, one that rendered Sam “unable to function”. The boys also take some time out to visit Sweet Chick, the much-famed and Nas-backed US comfort food restaurant. They sit down with founder John Seymour and, in highly predictable fashion, order too much of everything.


Sam Ashton

Taylor Fawcett

Sweet Chick London

John Seymour

Mikey Krzyzanowski

Chilli Con Carner ADHD Cooking School

Kelly Pochyba

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