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Book Club: Follow F***ing Orders, Ann Törnkvist

by Football Ramble Presents

Today’s episode of the Book Club takes you deep into the heart of the Swedish underworld, as the gangland execution of a promising footballer made national news in 2010. Kate and Jim are joined by Ann Törnkvist to discuss her best-selling book, Follow Fucking Orders.

Ann spent five years looking into the story of Eddie Moussa, the promising Assyrian footballer whose performances captured almost as much attention as his brutal death among the townspeople of Södertälje. Ann joins us from Sweden to recount how she came to write the book, from interviewing the families affected by the violence to uncovering the extent of organised crime’s grip on a quaint town. She also talks about the repercussions she faced after interviewing the crime boss who ordered the killing, as a subsequent death threat left a near-constant paranoia that nearly drove her out of her home. 

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